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Our Mission

At Starting Point, our mission is to provide a secure and structured living environment, fostering stability for our residents. We empower individuals to leverage the skills they acquire during their treatment and seamlessly integrate them into their journey back to the community. Embracing the principles of the 12-Steps (AA or NA), we firmly believe that recovery is not only achievable but also flourishes through cooperation, collaboration, and the unwavering support of a safe and compassionate community.

Our primary focus at Starting Point is on nurturing positive relationships, enabling residents to embrace daily life without the need for substances, and equipping them to navigate life's challenges with resilience. We actively encourage all residents to tap into the extensive support network within our program to overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of their success.

Whether your aspirations encompass regaining a driver's license, rekindling family and child relationships, securing sustainable employment, or living a life free from the burdens of wreckage and regret, Starting Point is your steadfast compass, guiding you towards achieving these goals.

Our Vision Of Hope, Starting Point Sober Homes, Sunset. Vision

Our Vision

At Starting Point, we encapsulate your journey towards a brighter recovery future within our emblem. Our logo symbolizes the dynamism and vitality of a rising sun, with an arrow pointing unwaveringly towards a clear and purposeful direction. When these two elements harmonize, they form a guiding compass, steering you towards the right future – your destined path. It is a beacon of hope and transformation, meticulously designed to light your way to recovery excellence.

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